Thursday, December 29, 2011

The folly of Erick Erickson

I have read some stupid stuff that this joker has written before, including his idiot smearing of me in the past, by some of his sock puppets at that joke of a site of his; but this right here takes the cake.

Here is ol’ Erick Erickson going full on anti-Christian bigot:

No Surprise, Iowa Social Conservatives Are About To Shoot Us All in the Foot Again

Posted by Erick Erickson

Wednesday, December 28th at 4:02PM EST

I’m hearing several campaigns and external pollsters have a surge for Rick Santorum. With the National Review folks fawning over him again, it probably means a surge is real and any surge by Rick Santorum is another factor ensuring Mitt Romney wins the nomination. (To be fair, this doesn’t look like real momentum)

Santorum has no money or organization outside of Iowa and cannot win the nomination, but Iowans love a guy who sucks up to them and makes sure they know he loves the babies.

As a pro-lifer myself, I have to throw up a bit in my mouth that Iowa conservatives are seriously considering Rick Santorum, which will only help Mitt Romney, a guy who even after his supposedly heartfelt conversion to life put some seriously pro-abortion judges on the Massachusetts bench hiding behind the “Well it was Massachusetts for Pete’s sake” defense.

Let’s remember Rick Santorum could not even win re-election in his home state of Pennsylvania.

Rick Santorum also supported Arlen Specter over Pat Toomey in the U.S. Senate back in 2004.

But most damning to me is Rick Santorum’s actual record in the Senate and House of Representatives. I keep hearing him say he was such a paragon of fiscal conservative virtue, when he was anything but that. He was as go along to get along as all the other Republicans who led to our downfall.

Okay, let me explain something to this simple-minded idiotic buffoon. There are three legs of Conservatism --- as explained and used very well by President Ronald Reagan. Those legs are social conservatives, foreign policy conservatives and economic conservatives. The late President Reagan built an alliance of these three groups of conservatives that changed the political landscape of the Nation.

The point I am trying to make here is this; try winning the Nomination of the Republican Party, much less the election for President of the United States without any one of these legs of the stool. If the evangelical base does not like a Republican candidate, he can forget about being elected, that is why John McCain lost. Not because of Sarah Palin, in fact she boosted his support! It was because most rib-rocked Conservatives saw John McCain is a petty phony and too much of a moderate. Furthermore, the evangelical Christian base was not impressed with McCain second trophy wife and little slut dressing daughter.

That is why McCain lost and Obama won, because the Republicans stayed home and did not vote, because the candidate did not appeal to the base. That base is made up; again, of social conservatives, foreign policy conservatives and economic conservatives; if you try to win an election or even a primary without one of these groups, you are spinning your wheels. This is why Ron Paul and others are trying to win their votes.

This, again, proves to me, that Mr. Erickson should not be taken seriously, at all.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Over as quick as it started

I offer to help someone, and what happens? All hell breaks loose.
Yeah, I offered to help The Lonely Conservative, after she broke her arm. I guess I am not enough of a far right winger for some of her commenters and they unleashed on me in the comments section and when I tried to defend myself; I get told to not to call her “regulars” names.

Anyhow, I basically decided that If I could not go back at the idiots who were essentially calling me a phony, because I was not slobbering Ron Paul fanatic; that I no longer wanted to write there. So, I am not writing at Lonely Conservative anymore

This is why I never allowed any co-bloggers on my site; because it creates an Blog that seems bi-polar in nature. One person saying this and another person saying that. I admit it, I felt a little odd writing over on someone else’s blog and most likely, I will not be doing that again, ever. I am someone who believes in pragmatism, and I have never been an extreme ideologue either way. Heck, even as a “Left of center,” half-assed as that was, I found myself in big-time disagreement with the extreme left’s ideology; especially when it came to abortion and gay rights.

I also am not your “typical” Conservative. I am essentially an “inner city transplant,” I moved out of the city of Detroit in 1989. I guess my heart never really left the city. Because when I saw what was in those Ron Paul newsletters, in 2008 and again here in 2011; I really got angry over it.  I have nothing against the suburbs or the white people who live in them; but I have zero use for the extreme racial bigotry that exists in some of them.

So, while I am grateful for “Mrs. B” for allowing me over there; I just do not think it was in my best interest to continue writing there. Especially, when you have racist bigots in the comment section berating you constantly. I just do not need that, at all. Hopefully she finds someone who’s more of a match to her site. Quite obviously, I was not it.

Ah well. It was fun while it lasted.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Prayers for these people

Sometimes while in a rush for the Holidays, we sometimes forget those who are less fortunate and/or are not having a good holiday. Having said that, I think we should all pray for this family here.

Via Fox News:

STAMFORD, Conn. –  A fire tore through the home of an advertising executive in a tony neighborhood along the Connecticut shoreline Sunday, killing her three children and both of her parents on Christmas morning.

Madonna Badger, who bought the large Victorian home last year, was able to get out of the house, along with an acquaintance.

Stamford Police Sgt. Paul Guzda said Badger's three daughters -- a 10-year-old and 7-year-old twins -- were killed. He said her parents, who were visiting for the holiday, also died. Police officers drove Badger's husband, Matthew Badger, from New York City to Stamford on Sunday morning.

God be with this Family. SadCryingPraying I could not imagine losing my family; much less on a Holiday. So sad. My prayers go to them.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Video: From the ‘WTF?!?!?!?!?” Dept..

I.....Um, wow... speechless. Holy sh---- wait, How?

Oh, never mind.

This comes via Richard McEnroe. (H/T OTM)

I hope nobody lets Pamela Geller or Debbie Schlussel see this; otherwise there’s going to be a massive clean up needed on aisle 5. Surprise

Friday, December 23, 2011

Politics and Common Sense

There seems to be a disturbing affliction in politics in this modern age and in the no-so-modern age as well. It seems to afflict a good number of people, who dare to make their careers in what has commonly become known as the “beltway.” This affliction only seems to be found among those who are of the ruling class, or at least among those who have chosen to live their lives as public servants. I am referring, of course, to something that is usually found more commonly among the working class and everyday families and individual people all across this Country ---- Good old-fashioned common sense.

There is, sadly, in this modern day age a real honest shortage of common sense; those who have any semblance of common sense and actually use it are truly blessed. However, in my older years, I am finding that education level to common sense ratio to be lower among those who are of the higher level of education class --- classic example; Ron Paul.

I am of course referring to the issue of the newsletters that were published with Ron Paul’s name attached to them back in the 1990’s. It appears that again the liberal left and of course, the Wilsonian Neo-Conservative right are again bringing these newsletters to light --- and rightly so. I have seen the contents of these newsletters for myself, as someone who did not grow up in what I like to call the “White Tidy” suburbs; but rather on the Southwest Side of Detroit, Michigan or as it is now commonly called the “inner city” or as I sometimes call it “The Ghetto.”

I was very appalled by what I read in those newsletters. I detest Multiculturalism; because Multiculturalism is liberal socialist code-speak for “Be ashamed that you are white.” However, my disdain of this liberal practice does not equate my hatred of any other race. This is why when I read those newsletters and saw what sort of bigoted filth was in them against blacks, Latinas and yes Jews. The little boy who grew up around many different sorts of ethnic backgrounds, in the City of Detroit, was quite angry that a man, much less a public elected official would allow such tripe in something attributed to him by name.

Whether or not the Newsletters were penned by Ron Paul or not is a non-issue to me. What is an issue to me is that Ron Paul never took the time to look at these newsletters to see what was in them. Again, this simply goes back to the thing I spoke of above --- common sense. Ron Paul seems to have a lack of common sense. I believe that speaks of his character and judgment. Furthermore, the fact that he does fellowship with those of a bigoted mindset is telling of his personality. A perfect example, receiving donations from Don Black and David Duke who are the founders of the Neo-Nazi website and former Klansmen --- and not bothering to return said donations.

Again, this all goes back to the very thing that is lack amongst the political ruling class in this Country --- Common Sense --- and it is seriously lacking on Ron Paul’s part.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Shop Amazon for Christmas

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