Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Change of plans

All right people, here is the deal. I realize that I said that I was done blogging and to be quite honest with you, I wish I were done writing about politics. However, I need to do something. I am getting slothful in my downtime here. Besides all that, many of you, not very many, but enough of you ---- did read my writings on the other blog. Because of this and because I can promote the thing on twitter and other social outlets, I can get some sort of readership here.

Let me be clear, I will not be an echo chamber for the Republican Party establishment, nor will I play the echo chamber game for the “right wing” Blogosphere. I am not an ideological zealot. I am a pragmatist. Sometimes, my options will differ from what the rest of the blogosphere is saying; I make absolutely no apologies for that, at all.

I will try to write everything in MS-Word and try to sound like I have a thread of common sense between my ears. One of my biggest failings as a blogger was that I relied on my own ability to write things freehandedly, which made me sound like an idiot at times. However, I will not apologize for my political stances. I will offend some I cannot change that; but what I can change is the perception of me as a person.

I Hope that this will be a good exercise and that it is a profitable venture for me.

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