Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Game Over

This is not something that I actually enjoy writing. However, it is time to face facts and just do the right thing. I have been thinking about this for a long time, after writing about politics for six years; for one as a left of center populist type and then for five as a right of center populist type, it is time to hang it up and quit.

This is because I have become so cynical. The entire Tea Party movement was a horrible joke; there was never any intention by the Republican Party to heed the calls of the Tea Party for no more business as usual. The Republican Party is now running a bunch of establishment candidates; even Bachmann is not as “Tea Party” type as some people might believe. She is totally beltway as they come, believe me.

In addition, Blogging has reached the zenith of its cycle. The only people still blogging, are people who are professionals. There is just no room for traditional Conservative voices like mine anymore. I said it in my previous blog entry, Ronald Reagan Conservatism is dead and it has been replaced with the Neo-Conservative, Pro-War, Israel-First manure that pawns itself off as Conservative.

I had hoped that after the Presidency of George W. Bush that the Republican Party would once again find its mooring, as a Party that believed in defending America first and not defending other Nations first or fighting other Nation’s battles for them. Unfortunately, that was not to be and it seems now, that the Republicans are now ringing the bells of war against another sovereign nation ---- Iran.

This is not to say that I hate Israel or Jews; that is a ridiculous accusation and it is not even remotely true. I just despise the idiots who say that anyone who criticizes those who are Zionists is somehow Anti-Semitic. This is a tactic of those people, and this video here, proves that. Please note: I do not agree with that video maker’s support of Palestine. I detest the Arabs as much as I do those who abuse the Semite-Card.

I was going to quit when my blog went down; but my Mother suggested to me that I continue writing and that I shall, just not on a blog anymore. I will be submitting various editorials to some websites that I happen to enjoy reading and have wanted to contribute to for a long time. This blogging adventure was a fun one, while it lasted. I, again, have just become too cynical for it. I despise hypocrisy and I am seeing it on full display in the Republican Party.

Therefore, it is time to stop, the battle was worth it, and I fought for what I thought was right. However, there is no winning with these people. They are well funded and I am not. In addition, they will stop at nothing, until you are discredited and smeared beyond recognition. With these people, the truth is not important, only their idiotic propaganda.

For those of you who wish to remain fighting; I commend you. However, I cannot continue.

Good Night and Good Luck.

-Charles Patrick Adkins

Lincoln Park, Michigan

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